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To a degree, describing myself really boils down to one thing. I've always had a passion in making and doing things, primarily in technology-related fields.
I can sometimes seek and find obscure, practically useless stuff and make my day out of doing stuff for it to work. Essentially, older technolog is also an
interest I find vastly steers my decision making when it comes to purchasing something whether I really need it or not. I was more-a-less born on the tail-end
of this wild-west era of the net, late 2003 to be exact. I come from Nova Scotia and will probably seek some sort of travel to a different country once the
whole pandemic crap-chute ends, not to mention the fact that I also have what I'd describe as a calmer form of Autism. To say the least, this is the basis
of my about page and what it has to offer.

Beginning in 2009 - 2010, I essentially took my first steps into the web as a whole. It was primarily on Youtube, and as that era of youtube will probably
never be a good era for kids, you can expect that my life wasn't really the best at that time. Given those discoveries it was only a matter of time before I found
Roblox (Linked in the Contacts page), a platform I still sort of live on to this day, although it's one that I plan on branching from next year. The next couple years
also saw me having an interest in Sonic the Hedgehog, Minecraft, and even Blockland (Less than unique for an autistic 9 year-old's life at the time). During 2016
a series of rather well balanced events made me into who I am today, learning to be more secure when it comes to online accounts, and definitely learning the
ropes of various parts of the internet as a whole before going to where I stand today. I have various accounts on social media that you can follow, albeit some
aren't updated that often.

I've recently made this website because I felt like never really had a free basis with all of my previous websites I've made using WiX, and even Caard. I'll also have
a Geocites page that redirects to this website, be sure that if Neocities dies I'll port this straight to

This page was made in Microsoft Expression Web 4, with Paint.NET being used for primary asset creation.